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Winter Squashes:


What are they, and what do I do with them?


Winter squashes are both delicious and an excellent source of nutrition... and they are surprisingly easy to prepare.


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About Us

Rohrer Brothers is a produce distributor dedicated to providing a consistent, quality product.  Our commitment to product quality and customer service assures that when you work with us, you will be in a position to maximize cost efficiency and stability.

Over time we have built a highly regarded name in the produce industry.  Our experience and reputation have allowed us to grow our client base worldwide with the ability to still maintain close relationships with our customers.  This growth has allowed us to invest in our people, strengthen our workforce and employ the most knowledgeable agricultural personnel available.  Ultimately, our customers take comfort in the Rohrer Brothers name- synonymous with timely and consistent delivery of quality fresh produce.

Year after year, seasons yield crops that will differ.  This is where our expertise really shows.  Our connections and communications with our growers and packing houses allow us to maintain a consistent standard in fresh produce delivery.  Our allegiance with growers in all regions of the United States and beyond offers an unparalleled opportunity to secure competitive pricing on an extensive variety of fresh produce.